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James N. Vasilas & Associates
Attorneys at Law

At the law office of James N. Vasilas & Associates, we focus on criminal defense and immigration. We realize that when a person has both criminal-defense and immigration issues, having both handled by the same law firm is more convenient and cost-effective for our clients.

Our attorneys, who have extensive experience in both criminal and immigration law, coordinate so that your experience in the defense of both case types is seamless. Having our team of attorneys at your disposal creates an effective, personalized and cost-effective experience that will put you at ease throughout the process.




We handle any criminal case imaginable, from DWI to capital murder.


We have many experienced criminal-defense attorneys with significant trial experience at both the state and federal court levels.

Don't want to plead guilty? Then don't!


We will analyze your case and give you our best recommendation, whether it is a trial or a plea agreement.


At James N. Vasilas and Associates, our immigration team can help you navigate through complex legal procedures, which can be overwhelming and stressful.


Our experienced team of attorneys and dedicated assistants are here to provide you with quality representation and support, with family cases before USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) or removal defense with the Immigration Court.


Contact Vasilas and Associates today to schedule your consultation with an experienced immigration attorney and see what options are available to you or your family.




Our immigration team is prepared and ready to assist with a wide range of family-based petition processes before USCIS.

Our team of experts is willing and ready to help you achieve the American Dream.

Real Customer Reviews

"The best without a doubt. He tells you directly about your case and what offer he can get you. I recommend him to everyone and they will always be grateful. He is smart, easy going and a great person above all. The staff is always on the lookout and will keep you informed about what's going on. Thank you James for all you've done!"

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